People using Peptest

Dr Gabriel Hendow

Dr Gabriel Hendow, a GP at Bransholme Health Centre and an ENT specialist, uses Peptest to test for reflux and other associated conditions.

“Peptest is fantastic to use because its simplicity means I do not have to refer my patient to secondary care.”

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Prof Karna Dev Bardhan

Prof Karna Dev Bardhan, Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist at Rotherham General Hospital uses Peptest for research into
extraoesophageal reflux and other reflux associated conditions

“Many patients present with throat symptoms. Peptest results help me identify those in whom extraoesophageal reflux contributes.”

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Mark Watson

Mr Mark Watson, a consultant ENT surgeon at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, uses Peptest to test for laryngopharyngeal reflux, a disease that differs from standard indigestion and heartburn and is commonly known as ‘silent reflux’.

“I would strongly recommend Peptest primarily because it is non-invasive, but also because it’s simple, relatively cheap and easy to use.”

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Prof Karna Dev Bardhan

Professor Alyn Morice, Head of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Studies at the University of Hull and Hull York Medical School, uses Peptest to test for non-acid reflux and other conditions.

“I study patients with cough, and non-acid reflux is the commonest cause of a chronic cough. Peptest is the only test available that diagnoses this in an objective fashion.”

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Kate Ford

Kate Ford is a specialist respiratory physiotherapist at Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Specialist respiratory physiotherapists at the Hospital have used Peptest in its adult respiratory outpatient setting since 2014.

“We have found Peptest hugely beneficial in ruling in or out reflux as cause of cough and we wanted to present this from a practical point of view.”

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